Unlocked phone experience

Thought I would share my recent experience. I bought a Moto g6 power unlocked from BestBuy. I moved my SiM for older Moto phone and phone connected to Verizon just fine. The next day I realized I was only connected at 3g. In calling Verizon, I was told they had no explanation and did not have troubleshooting notes on that phone model. This is even though they advertise it as supported. After lengthy run around, the tech support representative “Sonya”, committed to contacting me within 4 days.... We’ll 4 days came and went and no contact. I also called Moto(Lenovo) and was told a tech support rep would contact me within 24 hours. Never got call. I returned the phone on the 14th day (15 max).

i like the Verizon coverage but I truly got the run around and was lied to. After 20+ years, I will be switching networks at a time that is convenient for me. Way to go Verizon.