Unlocked phone for trade-in wrong IMEI
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Ran in circles today to retroactively complete the iPhone trade-in promotion because the in store service reps failed to have us fill out the paperwork.

all that hassle only to have Verison’s Online system tell me that my IMEI belongs to a 16gb phone when it’s a 64gb.

I’d appreciate any suggestions- it’s only been one week with this company but every promise they have made has been broken-


Re: Unlocked phone for trade-in wrong IMEI
Customer Service Rep

Smsorensen, I've very sorry to see that you had such a complicated experience when trying to trade in your device. This should always be a seamless process and this is never the first experience we want any customer to have. Not to worry, you've reached the right place for help. When you received communication that the incorrect device had been entered in, did the online system give you the option to input the correct information? Have you spoken to our Trade-in department? ChetonJ_VZW