Verizon $250 Gift Card Issues...........

We have 2 Verizon lines, and switched over 2 more lines from AT&T  to take advantage of the $250 per line gift card promotion a number of months back. Just like the 100+ other people who have already complained on here, not a word or gift card from Verizon months and months later. 

This is the Verizon way..........make it so difficult to get results, people get frustrated and give up. It's just like Comcast- they don't really care if you come or go. It's all about volume........ and customer service is non-existent. Think before switching anything to've been warned.


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Customer Service Rep

I too would share your frustration if I was expecting $500 in gift cards for switching to a provider, sshz, and they seemingly never arrived after so many months of waiting. Well, we are here to help! Please be on the lookout for a private note from us so that we can better assist.