Verizon Billing is wrong and high
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Verizon billing is high and all the info is wrong. I added 4 lines and in the bill they show 3 lines and I did Auto pay that should reduce my bill by $40 dollars. The first bill is $270 dollars which is very high. T-Mobile I paid one $144 for 4 lines and netflix is free. I made wrong choice to changing to Verizon. I will cancel my service ASAP. Going back to T-Mobile.
Re: Verizon Billing is wrong and high
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mutlak27, we understand the importance of making sure you have a clear understanding of your bill. We would hate for you to leave the Verizon Wireless Family. Is this the first bill you are describing? Do you know what plan you are set up with?




Re: Verizon Billing is wrong and high
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You didn't specify plan, I'm going to assume you have Start Unlimited. That plan with 4 lines comes out to $140 @$35 each with autopay pricing. Change one of those plans to Play More 5G UW if you want the Disney+ bundle for $10 more.

Other fees would be activations. If you did this yourself, expect $20 per line. If a rep did it, that's $40.

This means activation fees ranging between $80 - $160

Before tax on Start Unlimited w/ 4 lines you're at $220 - $300 + any device payments. A first bill of $270 falls in line with activations and / phone payments.

Re: Verizon Billing is wrong and high

The first bill will be higher because of the one time incidentals such as activation fees, sales taxes if purchased new phones(even if on 24 months installments), etc.  You can usually see an estimate of your next month bill on the Verizon app.