Verizon Rebate process is out of control we are getting the run around

Wow i am so frustrated with the rebate process i feel like we are getting the run around from Verizon and will never get our rebates. We (verizon rep via the phone) submitted our rebates October 29th 2019 and it wouldnt be till December 29th 2019 till they were validated. December 11, 2019 i got emails saying our submission wasnt approved. Very odd since Verizon submitted them for us. In calling found out he submitted them incorrectly (submitted twice) so it was denied December 11th. I called Verizon and the very nice lady fixed it deleted the wrong ones and resubmitted the correct ones in "rush" if there is such a thing and told us 14 days till validation. Ok i call December 30th (via chat) and find out its 14 business day. I get it Holidays and such she proceeded to tell me it had been 11 days we needed to wait 3 more. Ok i can handle that....Now here we are and my validation now has been changed to January 14th 2020. What!!! On the phone with rebate department and being told on the 30th She resubmitted them, why they had already been submitted Oct 29, December 11 and now again December 30? So now we are being told we have to wait another 14 days. Seriously we were with verizon for 15+ years and have never experienced this much non sense. Its like verizon doesnt want to pay out the rebates. I feel like we are being given the run around why is this happening? Oh and talking to anyone in charge is a joke they dont ever answer calls or you sit on hold for 20+ minutes than hang up cause well you have things to do.

Re: Verizon Rebate process is out of control we are getting the run around
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I'm with ya on this, we are having the exact same issue regarding my wife's rebate. After she ported her number and kept her iPhone from Sprint. IF they respond to you, I'd like them to respond to me as well. This is ridiculous. Stop lying to your customers Verizon. You offer a promotion and rebate, follow through on it.

Re: Verizon Rebate process is out of control we are getting the run around
Customer Service Rep

harveymom0006, we regret to learn about your rebate validation experience and that this process has taken this long. We certainly want to ensure you receive the rebates you are due. 


If there's no updates by January 14th, please contact us via our Rebate Center at 844-408-8471. Thank you.