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OK, I bought a Verizon Iphone 6S off a guy on Craig'sList and had the EMEI number pre-checked - did not come back as blacklisted.  I go to try and get new service from Xfinity (who uses Verizon towers) through a BYOD program, and basically find out that the phone has an Active Loan Status, a BYOD Lock, and is on a Non-pay check list.  There HAS to be a way to get this phone working!  I am not the one who signed the contract to buy the phone!  So why is Verizon locking the phone?  Can't they still go after the original person who signed the contract and get a judgement for collection issued against them?  All I'm doing is trying to get a used phone for my daughter and the one I bought appears to be a paperweight.


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Re: Verizon locked phone
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I hope you are having a great day and I apologize that you are having difficulty with this device. I am sorry to be the person to tell you this, but we cannot remove the Active Loan Status from this device. The person who first purchased the phone is responsible for the loan payments, so that isn't an issue for you. The problem is, that person still owes us money for that phone and the phone will not be usable until that is settled. The IMEI check that you did reports whether or not the phone was lost/stolen and active on Find My iPhone. It sounds like the person that was selling you the device knew that would come back free and clear. We are not able to check on loan defaults this for an unauthorized party when an IMEI check is done for privacy reasons. I absolutely apologize that this has happened to you and the only thing I can suggest is reaching out to the individual that sold you the device to try and get your money back. I would also recommend not making purchases like this on Craiglist moving forward. I hope this helps.   

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