Verizon lost my trade-in
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Today is December 1st and I switched to Verizon at the end of July with tracking notification of my UPS package stating that the package was received August 2nd and I had a chat conversation with a Verizon agent that stated "I can confirm that the device has been received on our end by Monday, August 02 at 11:25 am." Now Verizon is stating that the package is lost in their warehouse. I have been in contact with Verizon several times with phone calls promised to me once the issue was looked into but no phone calls were ever made to me. I have had several tickets entered and closed throughout the last few months and I am still going through this. All of this is expected as Verizon is a big corporation but today I was told that if they cannot find my package I would be refunded half of the promotional value. So I have to eat $400 because you all lost my trade in!?!?!?! 


This needs to get resolved or I will be making a claim with the BBB.

Re: Verizon lost my trade-in
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We always want customers to enjoy a simple trade-in and would not want to lose your business over the lost package. Your concern about paying more than expected for a device promotion is valid. Let's gather more information to work towards a solution. We'll need clarification about the return status. Was the device lost by UPS or Verizon? Can you send a screenshot of the message stating it was misplaced at our warehouse? What date was the most recent ticket filed? -Rita K.