Verizon rebate fraud
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I ported my number from Google Fi. They know I ported my number but asking me to provide documents that I cannot provide because Google Fi doesn't show a document in a way Verizon wants.

On my final bill, it doesn't show my phone number because, according to Google, my number was ported to Verizon during that month. Also they dont explicitly state cancelled the service.

Verizon is asking me to provide documents that is not simply possible to provide for that reason.

I submitted my bills and they rejected me because it's "lacking info".


Verizon appeals to people for rebate but makes it hard for users to actually get remote money.

I ported to Verizon because I could save my money on my phone, but that was a total B S. Fraud




Re: Verizon rebate fraud
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Sk1008, we want to ensure you can receive your rebate as anticipated. You can upload details from the last 2 bills if needing to show a loan agreement number and payment for your device. The final bill should show the complete buyout detail. You can also request for Google Fi to provide you with that information showing the buyout or payoff date and upload that info with the final bill paperwork. 



Re: Verizon rebate fraud
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I did what you guys asked me to do.


Even though you largely advised that you get up to $1000 off by porting a number in, there are a major restrictions... Watch out everyone. Unless you cancel the previous provider and you owe them money, verizon don't give you any money back.


That's false advertisement.