Verizon store did not port ipad - therefore my rebate was denied. iphone rebates were not submitted...
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In Verizon store...
10/2/2019 discussed switching from AT&T to Verizon.  due to the promos being offered at that time, I decided to switch.
$500 credit towards each new phone for trade in of old phones (qty 2)
$200 gift card rebate for switching iphones from another carrier (qty 2
$100 gift card rebate for bring your own ipad device (qty 1)
10/2/2019 ordered 2 iphones to be shipped to my house (store didn't have them).
10/5 I received the phones and turned them on at home to activate them.  
10/6 I took them into the store to complete the transfer from AT&T and return the old phones.  I was told that the 2 iPhone credits and the 2 gift card rebates had been submitted and that I should expect to receive the gift cards around Dec-Jan. I was also told to bring the ipad in in a couple of days to make that switch.  
10/8  I took the ipad in to have it ported from AT&T as well. There was someone new that night that was assigned to assist and he did not know how to port the ipad so he asked the manager for help. I totally understand... everyone has to learn. The manager came over and assisted. He told me that he would not submit the gift card rebate for the ipad, that I needed to do that myself.  So I went home and looked that up and submitted (no big deal).  It was denied. I submitted twice and denied. Turns out the ipad phone # was not ported and was given a new phone number. I made several trips into the store regarding this issue and spoke with the manager who did the new ph # assignment instead of porting from AT&T.  He told me that ipad phone #'s are not ported ever, and only new ph #'s are given.  Well, per the rebate promo being offered, that is not true.  So I asked to speak to the next manager up and went back 2 days later to do so.  He also told me that they do not port ipads. Both were very rude and insisted that ipads do not get ported and only get assigned new #'s.  So that meant 1 of 2 things:  1) they were lying because he did not do what he was supposed to and port the ipad, or 2) Verizon offers a rebate that can never be collected upon.  Also, because the AT&T ipad # was still active, I had received a bill from AT&T for full account charge and ipad charges. (2 weeks after supposedly porting the ipad over to Verizon)  Long story short in this matter, they did finally credit my account for the $100 rebate gift card that I was denied and the AT&T acct charges.  Very much appreciated since it was his actions that caused the issue.  
1/13 Tonight I decided to follow-up on the status of the 2 - $200 gift card rebates for the 2 new iphones that were ported from AT&T since I have not received them yet. After a couple of online chats and a phone call to the rebate center (and a transfer to someone else in the rebate center), I was told that no rebates had been submitted on my phone #'s. SURPRISE!!!  I was told that I needed to go back to the store and take it up with them because after 30 days after purchase the promos cannot be submitted.  Can you even imagine how upset I am with Verizon right now!!   I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the 2 - $200 gift cards for the 2 iphones being ported to Verizon from another carrier, only to find out now (3+ months later) that they were never even submitted.  Right now I wish I had never switched from AT&T to Verizon.  This has been nothing but a huge hassle that has consumed many hours of my time due to negligence from the associates who set up the devices.  $400 is a lot of money to lose because someone at the store did not follow thru and told me they had submitted the rebates.  If they had just said that I needed to submit them, I would've been more than happy to do so.  (After all, I submitted the ipad rebate.)   What needs to be done now?  How do I go about getting the $400 in gift cards that was due to me.  These rebates were the convincing factor in making the switch. 
Although one person that I chatted with tonight on Verizon Support was very patient and helpful, Verizon as a whole right night definitley terrible!!  
Re: Verizon store did not port ipad - therefore my rebate was denied. iphone rebates were not submitted...
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Tablets don't port. This is why when someone ports out, they still have an active account with just their tablet.