Verizon trade-in fail
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Hello all,

I thought I would give you a taste of my current trade-in experience. I sent back my device via a UPS dropbox, perhaps that is my first mistake and should be mentioned on Verizon's trade-in materials, and I was unsure if it had reached Verizon since my tracking never worked on the UPS tracking number. I was judicious with reaching out to Verizon, and a month later (late December) a Verizon support representative had verified that they had received my device and that it was in validation and computation. I was completely relieved

A month later, at this point it had been 3 months since I sent my trade-in into Verizon, Now they say that the device has never been in their warehouse and I am to bring up my complaint to UPS. I guess the original support person just didn't want to talk to me, and said what I wanted to hear? Or perhaps my phone was lost in the void at the Verizon facility? I suppose I will never know. 

Only problem is that UPS requires you to file the complaint within 60 days of delivery. They just happened to delay me long enough to be unable to make a claim. Now I am out $800 and must payoff my device over the course of 3 years because of a warehouse issue with Verizon or a mail issue with UPS, but either way Verizon feels it is not their problem. 

This with the fact that the infrastructure just feels so broken, like how I have to do 2 2FA authentications (to the same device mind you) every time I sign in to Verizon from anywhere, makes me consider switching my entire $500 a month family plan to another provider. Perhaps they can bail me out with one of their deals for my mistake in trusting the Verizon trade-in process / UPS .

Re: Verizon trade-in fail
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I don't blame you for being upset. I truly want to ensure we figure out what happened with your trade ins. Please meet me in a private chat. -Amber