Verizon tricks people to switch

Beware!!!! Verizon salesman tricked me to switch by offering a " Bring your own device" and we will give you $500 gift card. I brought my Galaxy s20+ and I switched to Verizon in August 2022. The salesman said after I paid my first bill that Verizon will submit the Gift card and it will be sent to me. WRONG!!! After a few months I called Verizon to check on my gift card and they said there was no submission. That I only had ten days to submit for the cash back visa card and now it is no longer valid. See the salesman tells you to wait until I paid my first bill (which is 30 days later) but by that time the offer is no longer valid. They said they were sorry and could only give me $50 .....are you kidding me? Some dude from India with a bad accent tells me he will submit an inquiry on my behalf. Really, we will see. How about giving me a $500 credit on my account? This isn't the first time they tried to deceive me with a rebate card. A few years back they did the same thing and after 3 different calls to Verizon I received the card. (About 4 months afterwards) .  

Re: Verizon tricks people to switch
Customer Service Rep


Hello, Castellanos528. It worries us to hear of the issues you've had with the rebates since August. From what you mentioned, it is not good to hear you had a similar issue with rebates in the past leading up to this instance, as the process for them has always been similar. I am glad to hear the inquiry was submitted, as it'll allow us to work on options to get you the rebates. If there is anything we can help with after the research on the inquiry is complete, we'll be more than happy to help.  ~David