Verizon unable to activate ported numbers
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I switched to Verizon 5 days ago with my unlocked Note20 and while they successfully pulled my number, the online rep and in-store rep said that Verizon has a major issue right now with the inability to activate numbers ported over from other carriers. I have been without a phone for 5 days.

The store rep tried to add a line temporarily in the meantime, but it flagged my account for fraud. When he called the fraud department, they refused to release the hold because they could not verify my identity. I was standing in a Verizon store, in front of a Verizon employee, with my drivers license. But the tool/link to upload the drivers license would not work. The fraud rep asked her supervisor permission for the in store rep to email the images *from his VERIZON email* and they wouldn't accept that.

Then, the only suggestion the rep had for me is to "get a prepaid phone in the meantime until Verizon fixes it". This gas affected my work as I use my phone foe meetings and I am locked out of every account I have that requires 2 Step authentication.

I am also told that my number that I've had for decades is "stuck" and I can't go to another carrier. I literally have zero options because of Verizon's poor technology. 

Verizon has also generated my first bill - for a service I have yet to be able to use.  The worst part is NO ONE has offered any solution to me as a customer. Not even a temporary fix. I miss the days that your issue could be escalated until you actually reached someone who cared enough to fix the problem. It's literally the worst way to treat new customers.