Who may I contact to discuss CSR?

I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this but this was the question I was trying to ask while being chatting with CSR, "Steve."  I have been a Verizon customer for a long time--over 20 years and I have always had a great experience with you guys and have always praised you for having excellent customer service.  As a matter of fact, when people ask why I stay with Verizon, I have honestly told them it is because of the great customer service. 

Well, that all ended tonight and I am currently researching other carriers to see about switching due to the way that your CSR treated me during the chat.  I'm sure that you keep the records and can read the transcript but I found it extremely rude and hateful when I asked for a supervisor, that he immediately ended the chat.  In my line of work, if someone asks for a supervisor, no matter how silly or outlandish it may be, you always get a supervisor for them.  Asking to speak to someone over someone else is not a reason to disconnect from someone.  Is that really the way that you guys want to treat customers that have been around for 20 plus years?  I asked a simple question about bringing a device to your network because I don't know anything about it or any of the details, and I was hit with snarkiness and nastiness and I felt very belittled and put down.  Where I get my phone should be my business.  I am paying for your service.  Being treated rudely and asking why I don't buy it from Verizon vs. asking questions about another retailer (or something along those lines--please read the transcript) is rude and unnecessary.  That is not the way that customers should be handled and they certainly should not have the conversation abruptly ended in the middle of it while trying to speak to someone over them about their nasty behavior.  


It is also terrible customer service to not have a way to communicate with customer service other than chatting or calling.  Why is there no option to discuss this with anyone?  Is it something that happens more often than I think?  Did I just think all these years that you guys had great customer service and really didn't know the truth?

Re: Who may I contact to discuss CSR?
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I feel like details are missing. Not saying you weren't treated rudely, more trying to see how device compatibility leads to an escalation.

I do customer service (no, my checks don't say Verizon Wireless on them) and don't believe in the saying "the customer is always right". More I treat things with neutrality since I've also dealt with reps that I question how they have a job. If it's an escalation over something factual where the same information would only be repeated back by a supervisor, I roll my eyes at the wasted time. If it's a rep that is being anything but professional, that annoys me.

When I'm the customer and a rep is being annoying, they aren't going to get a sale, simple. If it's support, they'd get a bad survey. That's all you can really do.