invalid rejection of BYOD rebate
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I brought a device from another carrier to Verizon recently, and finished the BYOD process and submitted the rebate request at The tracking now shows me that it was rejected. I have met all the eligibility requirements listed on the page, but the page shows: "Your purchase was not from a participating location." as the reason, but this is clearly false as I signed up for my new plan online and my order receipt email specifically says that the order qualifies for this rebate.

Phone customer support has been unhelpful so far, nothing they say is at all responsive to the problem of not honoring the rebate for "not from a participating location" which doesn't make sense. Please reach out to me to resolve this problem soon. Denying a rebate after using it to entice a customer to switch is really poor behavior and I will seek other remedies if Verizon doesn't resolve this.

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We can understand how frustrating that would be. Help is here. A Private Note is being sent, to assist you further. BrittanyC_VZW

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Many others having same or similar issues with rebates etc not sure if any got resolved or not but seems a problem