where are my gift cards?
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Back in April I signed up for the BYOD for both of my phones. I recieved an email from Verizon stating that the accounts do not qualify. I went to a store and they said there were problems when they ported the number and that might have caused the issue. The manager of the store said she would get back to me... hasn't happened in over 3 weeks. Called the store 2 days ago and they said they would give the message. I need my $500 ($250 x2) or I need the contact information of your legal department. This has been the most horrible expereince. 

Re: where are my gift cards?
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Cdunham73, this is never the welcome we strive to provide! We apologize for the experience you've had with us when trying to take advantage of one of our gift card promotions. We always want to ensure all your questions and concerns are resolved when working with us, and we're here to help. You mentioned you did receive an email advising the account did not qualify for the promotion. However, you did speak with the store manager at one of our store locations and you were advised she'd get back to you. To better assist you with your gift card concerns, we will need to gain access to your wireless account. What is the best number on your VZW account which we can reach you at?