1x Network Extender not connecting calls in- or outbound

I have an older 1x network extender that recently has started not allowing any calls to go through.  All 4 lights on it are steady blue.  My Samsung Convoy 2 from work tells me that it is in range and connected from it's main screen.  However neither that or my personal iPhone 6 will make or receive calls.  No calls connect, even #48 will not do anything.  I haven't made any changes to my internet connection at home. 

I've found that pulling the power and rebooting it will fix the issue however this has occurred about once a week for the past month.  Also since this was purchased by my work, it's on their account and I don't have access to the normal "My Verizon" information pages about it.

I'm hoping that this thing isn't toast as I'm lucky if I can get 1 bar of 1x at my house without it.  Anyone seen something similar?

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