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3G & 4G coverage is spotty on both phone and mifi

Wondering how I can find out if Verizon plans to extend their coverage in my area.  I've been with Verizon for almost 10 years and coverage is great in most places.  The issue I have is that I live about 6 miles away from the closest tower and so at my home, coverage is very spotty.  Both my phone and mifi device get very spotty coverage.  One day it will be great, and then next it will be non-existent.  Or, I'll have great coverage in the morning and then by late afternoon coverage/signal strength is non-existent.  I currently have 3G mifi device and have tested the new 4G jetpacks.  Still have the same issues.  I am seriously considering dropping Verizon and moving to satellite for internet and AT&T for voice.

Anyone know how I can find out if Verizon has any expansion plans in my area?  I'm currently very disappointed that I even have to consider leaving.

Re: 3G & 4G coverage is spotty on both phone and mifi
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If you live too far from the tower you live too far. Nothing Verizon can do about that. Also you may have a lot of trees and stuff blocking the signal from the tower. Satellite may improve thing in your situation but just know it's really not any better for the most part. No overages is probably the best thing I can say about satellite.

Re: 3G & 4G coverage is spotty on both phone and mifi
Customer Support

Dear Crib,

Good morning. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your 10 years of loyalty to us. I understand having reliable and consistent service is very important. Allow us to help get to the bottom of your service concerns. To start in troubleshooting the service in your area, I will need some additonal information. What zip code are you in? Also what make and model mifi and phone are you using?

I also noticed that you mentioned being six miles away from a tower. Have you ever looked into our Network Extender? This device acts as a mini tower in your home and helps boost signal for data and phone service in and around your home. For further information regarding our Network Extender click .

Thank You,
VZW Support
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