4150L - Works on web, but can not connect via VPN or Remote Desktop

Recently purchased a 4150L and installed the latest firmware.  We have been able to access all public websites without any problems.  But, when we try and access our customers computers via VPN (various types) or Remote Desktop, we can't connect.  We can sign-in to VPN, but when we try and access the computer, it says "can't connect".  Exact same message with Remote Desktop.   We are able to connet when use a Verizon phone as a hotspot and from every other internet service that we have tried (i.e. hotels, starbucks, etc.)   It appears it is an issue with the 4150L.

Verizon Tech Support has been no help!

All ideas are appreciated!



Re: 4150L - Works on web, but can not connect via VPN or Remote Desktop
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VPN traffic should be allowed through on the MiFi 4510L by default.  I know I do not have any issues with mine on either the Cisco IPSec or Cisco SSL VPN Clients.

If Verizon DNS is interferring then perhaps you could try to connect to your VPN via a direct IP Address instead of a URL.  Not sure what VPN client you have but there should be a No DNS option to connect if you know the correct IP.  You could also try switching your DNS to one of the free ones such as the one offered by Google or any of the others.

VPN's carry alot of overhead on existing connections in my experience.  Its not untypical to have a 3G connection cut in half when a VPN is applied.  Try running a speed test to make sure your connection is atleast 1 MB on download before initiating a connection.  If the performance of the MiFi is too poor in that area it may never be stable enough to support a connection.  Feel free to post some Speedtest.net averages so we can see what you are working with.

Something to note about the MiFi 4510L is that it is on the SIM card network.  That means that NAT is always going to be an issue and block your users from providing a truely public IP Address.  Directly remoting to them through any means will be nearly impossible.