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4510L - can't get to various websites, fails randomly UNLESS on a VPN

Got our prepaid 4510L fired back up today to use at a vacation home (that was another whole story, but it's "sort of" working now).

What we're seeing is that on Windows laptops, the web is very hit & miss - some sites come back with DNS failures or site not found.   Others seem to work fine.   And no real pattern that I can see to what works and what doesn't.

BUT, when I fire up my VPN, suddenly everything is working fine.   What kind of IP nat / firewall strangeness might Verizon be doing with these units such that the web is so flaky unless we're on a VPN?

Re: 4510L - can't get to various websites, fails randomly UNLESS on a VPN

VZW does all sorts of crazy things with thier NAT firewall.  It is a very well known and documented limitation of the new LTE/SIM card network. 

As you already mentioned VPN's are the only known and realistic work around to those limitations.  Otherwise you would have to pay several hundered dollars for a static IP address without NAT services.  My suggestion is to keep using your VPN as often as possible, especially if you hit these limitations on a frequent basis.