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4G LTE Mobile MiFi 4501L - flashing red light

A few nights ago I was connected to the internet with my mobile hotspot, I lost connection and noticed the Red LED was flashing.

So far I've tried powered down the unit.

Removed the batery.

Removed the SIM card.

Did a hard re-boot using the button inside the case.

Nothing seems to work, I can see the device from my laptop at home and my laptop from work. When I try to connect it says connected but it is not.

I tried to update the software on the unit from my laptop but it can't find the device, even when it says it's connected?

I also notice the it shows no signal strength on the display, in a place that should have full strength?

It is just over 1 year old, the guy at the Verizon store suggested I upgrade...I can't see upgrading if the equipment will not last the life of the contract.

Re: 4G LTE Mobile MiFi 4501L - flashing red light

RED lights mean your SIM card is not properly installed or activated.

Play around with the SIM card and see if you can get it to register with the MiFi.  There should be a small example on how to insert the SIM on the black tab that is securring the SIM card right now.  VZW can send you a replacement SIM card if you cannot get it resolved.  Worst case scenario you can have VZW swap the MiFi itself for another if you are covered under the warranty.