4G LTE in Batesville, Ark LOUSY!
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So, have my MiFI 4510L with me at UACCB, decided to switch over to it since the campus network is beginning to slow down. Saw that LTE was finally here, ok expected to have a nice, fast connection.

Boy, was I WRONG on that! LTE in this area is WORSE than the campus network right now! Searcy, and Jonesboro, all average good speeds (10-20mbit down, 8-15 up).

Here, the best speeds I can seem to get are 1.9 down, and a measly .6 up (600+Kbit!)

Worst I encountered: 0.72/0.42.

VZW, What's the deal with 4G LTE here?

Re: 4G LTE in Batesville, Ark LOUSY!
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Hemingray, nobody likes to deal with slow Internet speeds especially when you rely on your Internet for school. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

What is the zip code where you are experiencing the slow speeds? Is this a constant issue or is it random?

Try removing the SIM card for a minute or two and retest. This should help with the connection.

John B

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