5 spot 3G service

We live in rural Oregon.  In august after a software download to the device we were unable to connect.  Phone calls to technical support (the suggestion from Verizon to go online is not very helpful when you have no service...) tried to correct the problem but were unsuccessful.  The technical staff spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone and they were very polite. 

Finally today today we solved the problem:  My computer indicated a SSID "Verizon AC30 0000".  This is not the SSID indicated on the 5 spot.  Finally tech support told me this was an indication that the 5 spot needed a software upgrade.  After this was done, we have service again.  The tech said this was a problem that had recently surfaced.  This same problem occured on the 3 replacement 5 spots they had sent.

Part of the problem may have been that the cell tower we used to have is no longer in service and now we are in a "marginal service area."

Oh the joy of technology....


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