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5G question from the technologically impaired

Just signed up for the 5G broadband access card (?) for my desktop. I'm not computer savvy.  I'm clueless about megabytes, kilobytes, gigabytes, etc.  What I'm concerned about is unknowingly running over the 5G limit per month. That seems to be a big issue from what I've read in the forums. The deal is this...daughter is in the military and just shipped overseas for 3 years. I want to be able to use Skype to communicate with her and be able to see and talk to our grandson. Any idea of an average data usage to expect if using Skype for, say, an hour each weekend? I'm not a heavy internet user. I won't be downloading music, might occasionally download a video, but otherwise just surf websites for information, recipes, things like that. No printer. I want to try Skype this weekend but would keel over if I used it one time just to find out too late that I had already exceeded my 5G for the month.  I have to manage usage to keep this affordable.


Second the usage information on the Verizon website more accurate than the usage information on the access manager usage tab?



Re: 5G question from the technologically impaired

answering your 2nd question first: vzaccess manager is pulling usage numbers from same source the website does.


skype's website says video can use as much as 384kb/s:


(generously) rounded off, that comes out to about 3 megabytes a minute, or about 180 megabytes an hour.


if you did an hour a DAY, 30 days a month, you'd be pushing the 5GB limit and probably head into overage charges.


so... stay under an hour a day and you should be fine.