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890L won't connect with hp printer

I bought the 890L last week.  The first day I was able to connect with my hp printer and my ipod without any problem.  The list of devices connected showed my ipod and printer. The other night I connected my Direct TV internet and saw that the 890L was showing 9 devices now connected. In the list of connected devices I saw things I had no idea what the device was so I thought I would disconnect what I didn't know.  Somehow I managed to disconnect everything.  Now this morning I can not connect my printer at all.  I am doing it the same way I did when I first got the 890L and the printer is saying it can not connect.  Any suggestions?

Re: 890L won't connect with hp printer
Customer Support

Oh my goodness tpaul. I'm glad you found a way to stop those extra devices from connecting that you didn't authorize, but I'm wondering how you did that. Was it straight from the device? Did you log into your jetpack's administration page and make a change? If people gained access to your jetpack's login information, it's possible they've also changed your password from the default you used the first day.

I would suggest resetting your jetpack back to the original settings it came with out of the box, and then logging into the jetpack's administration page to change both the WiFi and administrative passwords. This way you will not have a generic log in and you will be able to select a password more unique to you that is less likely to be guessed by anyone who wants to use your jetpack's awesome service.

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