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AD3700 Wireless Global broadband card is Defective and Verizon offers no support

I just purchased a new ad3700 wireless device to replace my old sierra card i had for almost 3 years without a problem.  after 3 uses(i've used/owned the card less than 2 weeks) with the ad3700 the silver usb connecter pulled out from the black plastic.  it looks like it was glued in by the manufacturer.  i called verizon support and they said that i caused the physical damage and that it was not a manufacturing defect.  they stated that since there are no manufacturing defects reported for this device, then it is my fault.  it seems that no matter what goes wrong with the card, they will consider it physical damage, even if it is internal. she told me that based on the information i gave her, it is physical damage.  i never told her that i dropped it or banged it or anything like that.  i simply told her that the silver piece pulled out when i pulled out the device.  when i asked her what i said for her to conclude that i damaged it, she went back to the statement that there are no known defects on file.  


 i simply wanted them to replace it with a slot card(actually a downgrade) but they refused.  since it is within the 30 days, i told them i would just return it and order the card.   i was then informed that they will charge me the total cost for replacement of the device plus a 35 dollar restocking fee and an early termination charge for the line( not sure how they can do this since i haven't upgraded my pc card in three years of an original 2 year contract).  their customer support is so bad that i am going to cancel my other 3 cell phone lines and my unlimited broadband account.     i simply cannot give my money or business to such a customer unfriendly company.     i don't post that often on any websites, but their treatment of this issue is so bad i felt compelled to.