ATT aircard work with verizon?

A couple of weeks ago I bought an acer notebook with a 2 year aircard account activation from ATT.  Well it's true ATT network sucks!!!  I am an iphone user so didn't really need the constant connection before but with an aircard I do.  


I am looking to switch.  My question is can I keep my laptop which i love (I HATE HP!!!! that's not even a question).  So my only question is  will I have to get an aircard from verizon to make it work on this laptop or will the ATT installed aircard work with verizon also?  Yes, I am willing to pay $175 to break the contract with ATT.


I live around washington, dc. 

Re: ATT aircard work with verizon?
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The AT&T data card will not work because the AT&T/Verizon Wireless networks are not compatible with each other. You can use a Cardbus/ExpressCard slot device, USB-type device or replace the internal PCI Express data card with a Verizon Wireless compatible type. I did this back in the day on a Dell laptop which came with an EVDO Rev0 card, the EVDO RevA card (faster than Rev0) was around $180 directly from Dell; which gives you an idea of no-contract cost of the data device.