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Air card usage overages and cost

My wife and I have your 10 gig wireless plan for our computer using the air card too connect.  First of all it's way over priced for what we get,  But even though our router is security protected from hackers we have noticed that the last few months we seem to be using a large amount of our data allotment and hence are being nailed with overages.  For this being a "family" plan it sucks.  We have to watch every thing we do, we cannot go watch any movies or any thing.  All that I can figure is that all the embedded video like AOL has in there news ect. is eating us alive.  This cannot go on with the prices you charge.  God forbid that I wanted to actually watch a U tube video as it would cost me through the butt.  Which your service seems to be doing now.  Your going to have to change to where we can get unlimited service with out breaking the bank.  I used to pay $20.00 per month and had unlimited service, this month with 2 gigs overage ran me a hundred bucks.  It's just not worth it for me to use mainly Face Book and AOL and to be stiffed this badly.  You are forcing me too find some thing else that isn't so costly.  We are on SS and just can't afford you folks.  I just want to know why the increase we seem to be having with out even doing the things we'd like to do online.  I would sure in hell hate to have a family with kids use your "family" plan.  I highly doubt that I'm the only person having this problem.

Re: Air card usage overages and cost
Customer Support

Hi VaDan63 - We certainly want you to get the most out of your data plan every month and we do not want to lose you!  "Usage Details" at offers the ability to review your data records to see the time, date and amount of data used to help pinpoint the cause. Do you typically turn off the connection when the computer is not in use? Is the computer running operating system or anti virus updates when connected?

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