An overuse complaint resolved, sort of

I called customer support yesterday to complain about overuse charges and how the lag in their usage monitor lead to those charges.


I talked with a nice lady who cut my overuse charge in half and moved me to a plan with a nickel per MB overuse charge instead of the quarter per MB plan I had previously. The changes showed up in my account today.


Not a perfect resolution but an overuse charge reduced to 20% of original partly resolves my complaint about those charges being too high. I'll claim a partial resolution because I think a nickel per MB is still too high, but we're on the right track.


So, thanks, Verizon, I appreciate your consideration.

Re: An overuse complaint resolved, sort of
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Aren't they all $0.05 now?

Re: An overuse complaint resolved, sort of
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No, they aren't all .05 now.  Last week when I complained about high usage,  I was on a .25 overage plan.  They told me they could convert me to the .05 for no extra charge.  They said it was an "unadvertised" item.  I'm glad in case mine goes over.