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Another upset Home Fusion customer.

First off the installer was great, no complaints on the installation or the man who did it. Everything else however has been terrible. We have used the Mifi card for close to 2 years now and always seem to go over the 10gb limit so the 30gb Home Fusion sounded great. By the fourth day of our Home Fusion we had already used 15GB of data, 2 days no one was home and nothing was on but had usage, and 4 GB between 2am and 9am one night while everyone is in bed and every device in the house is powered off. I called the tech support and a woman in Greenville, SC answered, who told me first it was my fault, second there is a delay between when the data usage is actually recorded and the time on the data usage report, third the time of the report is wrong and I am not reading it right, finally she could do a analysis to tell me where the data is being used. She told me she would call back tomorrow after 1pm to let me know the findings, she called a 8:45am the next day and left a message on my phone that literally said, "This is Verizon, your data is 80% web browsing, Good Bye.". How is that suppose to help me? I called back the next evening and got a guy this time who tried to help. He ran different programs to try and help and after a hour told me to turn off every device in the house only to find there is still a device connected. He tells me that even though it is powered off (not in stand-by or sleep mode) that it is still doing stuff. I am skeptical but ok, he tells me methods to solve this issue and I have done it all, even unplugged that problem computer last night only to have a additional 2GB show up while we slept this morning. So now my computer can still raise my data usage while unplugged. That was the final straw and we called to cancel while we are under the 14 day trial period. My wife spent a hour on the phone with the same rude Greenville women who continued to blame her and made the comment "No matter how easy Verizon makes thing some people still lack the intelligence to use it." the same women who has been unable to answer any question about Home Fusion since we have talked to her. But after a hour with this lovely person she tells us she will send a box to put the router in and we can keep the now useless antenna attached to the side of our house but we have to call the local office to cancel the contract. So we call the local office only to tell us they can't cancel the contract we have to drive there to sign "stuff" even though we never signed anything to get the Home Fusion. Which is a hour away. After years of being with Verizon I will be moving everything I have away from them after this experience.