Any Idea How To Fix My Replacement USB760 Stick?

My replacement USB760 stick, after 2 years, stopped working on the desktop. Then it worked fine for a month on the laptop. Now it's losing internet connection there also. Any ideas how to fix? Our last stick modem lasted several years longer.

Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

Re: Any Idea How To Fix My Replacement USB760 Stick?
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Thank you for reaching out to us. First thing you want to do is verify that the software is up to date. You can do this by following these steps: From the Windows desktop, locate then double-click the VZAccess Manager icon. Note Alternatively, click Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager. If presented, enter the PIN then click OK. Note The default PIN is 1111. 

View the following information.
Note Scroll up/down to view additional infomation.
Note The ICCID is the SIM ID.
Device Model

Modem Name

Firmware Version

Hardware Version


PRL Version

ERI Version

Phone Number


Home SID






SIM status

Please provide us with this information so we can make sure that everything looks good.

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Re: Any Idea How To Fix My Replacement USB760 Stick?
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> Any ideas how to fix?

We would need you to help us confirm what the problem is before we can offer you suggestions on how to fix it.  USB modems can have either hardware or software problems, most of the time the problem is hardware related to the USB port going bad.

Try looking up connection logs from your VZW software and share them with us.  There should be some kind of log to point us in one director or another.  Another thought would be to search your machine for hardware logs in your Event Viewer.

Otherwise if your warranty is expired then Verizon isn't going to be of much help.  Its usually better to take the upgrade option to rule out hardware problems and then work your way back to software problems from there.  Make sure any replacement devices you consider have driver support for your current OS. Otherwise you would have to find a compatible home router to plug the USB modem in to and provide the connectivity it can offer to an unsupported OS.