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Anyone else on 4G LTE seeing fairly high packet loss recently?

For the past week or two I've been noticing quite a bit of packet loss when I run a ping test against (Google DNS) or Yahoo. Each time I run the ping test for 250-500 pings and the packet loss is consistently around 3-5% which is high. Verizon just upgraded the tower in my area to 4G LTE around 3-4 weeks ago and so far my speeds have been pretty great (20-35 Mbps) and my signal is strong without fluctuation (-67 dBi, SINR 20-30) so it's just the packet loss that I'm dealing with.

The first week of being on the 4G LTE I ran a few quick ping tests against Google while setting up my 4G antenna and didn't notice any packet loss but maybe I just didn't run the tests long enough. I've tried pinging a few other servers like (Verizon DNS) and (OpenDNS) and I'm seeing like maybe one dropped packet in 500 pings which is only a .2% packet loss which is a huge difference from results I get pinging Google and Yahoo.

Anyone else noticing packet loss on your 4G LTE connection? I've already opened a ticket with Verizon but I don't know if they'll do anything about it since they like to just tag my location as a marginal coverage area and not look into issues when I report them.

Re: Anyone else on 4G LTE seeing fairly high packet loss recently?

I have as well. I am in Jacksonville, FL and notice when I put my phone into hotspot mode that any machine attached to it will suffer between 6-10% packet loss. It happens in spurts- at first when I connect it is perfect. 60ms pings to and barely 1-2 lost packets in the first 5-10 minutes. Then all of a suddenly the whole thing just goes to pot. At first it starts losing a few packets... then it starts losing a BUNCH of packets. Then it gets so bad I start going from the "Request timed out" message to it being "Reply from Destination net unreachable.". This continues for several minutes and then it returns to semi-normality. So a few minutes working, a few minutes not. It's pretty unbearable. Smiley Sad

The really frustrating part is seeing AT&T users right next to me with almost 0% packet loss ;_; In the end, I usually have to connect to their phone to do any browsing, since mine simply doesn't allow me to do even the simplest of internet navigation when it gets like that.