Broadband Plan Sugestion

I don't know if this is the right place to post this feedback or not. I've had a broadband plan for about 4 months now. I have an HP netbook and use it a few times a day during the week to check email, light browsing and playing a few games. I'm very happy with the service performace and the netbook.


If I don't think about how much I'm using it, I average a little over 1 GB of data usage in a billing cycle.  The current plans are just not flexible enough for me so I might have to start thinking about looking at other carriers plans.


First of all $39 is way too much for only 250 Mb. How about


  • $24 for 250 Mb 
  • $39 for 1 GB
  • $49 for 2 GB
  • $59 for 5 GB


This would give people more flexibility to fit a plan into their budget and would also attract new customers.



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Re: Broadband Plan Sugestion
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Broadband plans (especially mobile broadband plans) are CASH COWS for Verizon.


Dont expect any changes anytime soon . . . .