Can anyone please lead me in a direction?

     I went in to bundle my phones for the new share plan and specified to the rep that the only thing I wanted to leave untouched was my MIFI plan because I was on an old plan that offered UNLIMITED DATA FOR $59.99. I have been offered the new mifi 4G but have refused due to the fact that the unlimited plan is no longer in exsistence. When I received my bill i went back to the verizon store and the rep told me not to worry that he would email and fix the problem. Since then 2 bills have passed and verizon keeps giving me the run around. Finally yesterday after being transferred from departments i was told...sorry that plan doesnt exsist anymore and there is nothing we can do!!! I appreciate if anyone can give me so ideas becuase this is wrong and if it was me that breached the contract they would ding me with a penalty...