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Can my Fivespot be connected to a broadband router?

I've been mostly disappointed in the Fivespot since purchasing a few weeks ago, but since I live in a semi-rural area, it's my only way to access the internet at a fairly decent speed and continue to work from home. I lost my old UM720 card (darn it) and wish so much I had it back. Was also disappointed I wasn't able toget a new 3G card and had to get the Fivespot thing. Here's the issue. I have a really great Cradlepoint router (I know it doesn't support the Fivespot), and I was wondering how I would even connect the Fivespot to the router if it was supported. I've used unsupported broadband cards before with no problem. Any information would be truly helpful. I too am tired of always having to turn the device back on. It seems, from reading many of the posts here, this could just be a piece of crap device, but I'm stuck with it now.

Re: Can my Fivespot be connected to a broadband router?

I have a 4510L Verizon Hotspot, I am using a Cradlepoint router MBR900, I have to use a Pepwave Surf mini to pick up the wifi signal and input it to the cradlepoint router, sound like what you want. You can also use the pepwave surf to go directly to your computer by ethernet cable or wifi. I also have a WiFiRanger that will pickup wifi and is a all in one package. I got all this at the, call them they are great about helping you decide what you need and give support for what they sell. Some links


Call the number at the top right, hope this helps, they also have a great forum


this is where I got some good help

Re: Can my Fivespot be connected to a broadband router?

I am using the fivespot 3g to supply internet to my home network. While this may not be for all users it does work this way.


I have a PC running Windows XP connected with USB to my aircard. With it setup and connected I then "shared" the modem (FiveSpot) using Windows modem sharing. This provides an IP address of out my ethernet jack. I then connected my Netgear Router to the address and the rest of my Computers wired and wireless have internet access now. It works very respectable since the only connection in my area was Wildblue (expensive and rarely works as claimed).


Thanks to Verizon for the cool service. I look forward to the 4g upgrade coming to the area.

Re: Can my Fivespot be connected to a broadband router?
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Curious if anyone else had suggestions on this...


I have a similar setup. I moved to an area where the Verizon 3G service is about the best option. We previously had cable hooked up to a wireless router that took care of several computers and devices including a network storage drive (NAS).


The Fivespot isn't a router, and computers can only connect to one network at a time, so I'm stuck with either having internet through Verizon, or local network with no internet through the wireless router.


Main problem is that I store my music, photos, and videos on the NAS. And as an example, iTunes doesn't work well at all without having both the local network and the internet at the same time....


Any advice? Can anyone confirm that the comments above about the are good suggestions?