Can't connect to the console at

I've had my MiFi since June with only a few annoying performance problems, but generally I'm very happy with it as a replacement for my rural Internet service. (Read that as: lack-of-service). From the beginning, I've never had trouble accessing the card's console, until a couple of days ago. Now, when I try to connect, my browser times out. Over and over.  I've tried shutting down the computer (iBook G4) and the MiFi and restarting; I've tried completely reinstalling the MiFi; I've tried everything but voodoo.  I suppose I should call Verizon's customer service, but I just don't have the time, patience, nor easy-going personality that it takes to go through that ordeal without developing a migraine.


Does anybody have any idea what is wrong and how to overcome the problem?


Oops - that "169" was a typo - I'm actually trying to access the correct address.



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