Can't connect wirelessly to Fivespot but works when connected to USB
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If you are having a problem with this, try this solution.  I finally got someone to figue it out and this is what we did.


I had the same issue and was on my 3rd computer because they thought it was the computer. It would connect fine when tethered but not wirelessly. It would recognize the fivespot and I would type in password and it would say security key mismatch. I finally got someone at Verizon to stick with me and not just pass me along (I was sent back and forth between Verizon, Best Buy, and Toshiba for 3 days). Everyone knew there was a problem but no one knew how to fix it. This fix worked for me, hopefully it will work for you.


Go to Start Menu

Click on Control Panel

Click on Hardware and Sounds

click on Device Manager

Click the arrow next to Network Adaptors

Right click on the wireless lan (mine was Realtek)

Click update driver software.


That should be it. I hope that is your same problem.