Can you please help me? Frequent disconnect, etc

I've been using VZ wireless for about a year with no problems.  I have a UM150 to connect to my pc (not laptop).  I live rurally so my only choices are satellite or this and I have loved using the wireless.  Last week I had to reinstall my Windows Vista as I was having some computer problems.  I reinstalled vzam and while it was very slow it otherwise was working ok.  Because it was slow I tried connecting with my regular modem and since then have had nothing but problems.  Everytime I try to send or receive an email thru windows mail my vzam disconnects.  I had a feeling it was because my computer was recognizing both my regular modem and my usb modem so a friend of mine suggested I go thru device manager and disable the regular modem.  I did so but am still having problems with frequent disconnect and sending/receiving email.  Can anyone give me any insight?  I REALLY don't think it has anything to do with signal strength as I was having no problems before I had to reinstall Vista.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled vzam a number of times with  no changes.  I did a speed test on speakeasy and my speeds were a whopping (sarcasm) 150 download and 74 upload.  Please help.  

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