Cannot connect to Verizon WI-fi - doesn't see wireless card in laptop

I had installed vz mgr version 7.0,  and in preferences section, it recognized my wireless card. Just installed a newer version 7.2 for the Verizon wifi. Since installing, in the preferences section, it says "not supported"?? How can I get vz mgr to see my wireless card so I can connect to Verizon wifi. Running Win7 Ultimate Bit and wireless card is Atheros AR5007.

Re: Cannot connect to Verizon WI-fi - doesn't see wireless card in laptop
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Since you have updated your VZ access manager, you may have to re re run the wizard so that it will re detect your wireless device.

Navigate to the VZAccess Manager menu item to start

the VZAccess Manager program.

On first-run of VZAccess Manager the Setup Wizard will automatically run.

Below is an overview of the steps of the Setup Wizard:


Welcome: Click Next

to continue.

Wi-Fi/WWAN Detection:

The setup wizard will first detect any available

Wi-Fi adapters on your PC and then your Verizon Wireless PC Card.

Select WWAN device only if you do not have a Wi-Fi adapter configured

on your PC or want to skip the Wi-Fi detection.

Connectivity Options

After Wi-Fi/WWAN detection, you will need to

choose the connectivity option you wish to use with your Verizon

Wireless device. Select “

PC Card”, then click Next

to continue.

Find Wireless Device

: VZAccess Manager will now find your wireless

you have plugged in the PC Card, Windows will now install the drivers for

this device. This may take a few minutes.