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Compatibility of usb720 with new mac snow leopard

I was planning on purchasing my first Mac laptop with the new (today) snow leopard system. But I'm now learning that it won't be a seamless move to continue accessing the internet with my usb720...

Any thoughts, experience, suggestions...?

Re: Compatibility of usb720 with new mac snow leopard

There is definitely an issue with snow leopard and verizon.  I use my lg dare tethered to my mac for broadband access.  After installing snow leopard,  my mac no longer recognizes my lg dare as being present, and that is after reinstallin verizon access manager to set up the device.    After a trip to the apple genius bar, they confirmed that it is a verizon issue, and that the access manager must be updated to be compatible with snow leopard.  Hope they do it soon, I had to uninstall snow leopard!

Re: Compatibility of usb720 with new mac snow leopard

there may be issues for folks UPGRADING to Snow Leopard, but i've tested many Verizon USB modem with a clean install on an external drive and the only one that does not work is the new AD3700. (only USB modem i dont have is USB1000)


your USB720 will work fine with a brand new Mac, and you will not have to install verizon's access manager.


for those of you upgrading to Snow Leopard, your best bet is to first uninstall any trace of VZAM.


after you upgrade to snow leopard, attach your device and wait for WWAN menu bars to appear as below:


Snow Leopard WWAN 'initializing'


after a couple of minutes, a dialog pops up saying your mac has detected a new network device, as below:


Snow Leopard "new interface detected'


accept that dialog and it takes you to network prefs with a new setting. apply the setting, then connect using the button in the pref pane, or the menu option that is now part of the WWAN menu item.

Re: Compatibility of usb720 with new mac snow leopard


After messing around with the "VZAccess Manager" for a day, I found this post and can attest that our friend EVDOalex is on to something here!  Here are the steps I took:


1.  Open System Preferences --> Network

2.  Switch Location from Automatic to Verizon VZ something or other (can't remember what it was exactly)

3.  Write down the Telephone number and Account Name

4.  Close System Preferences

5.  Open VZAccess and select Uninstall from the drop down menu

6.  Reboooot

7.  After rebooting, plug in USB Modem

8.  When box appears, select Open Network Preferences

9.  A new PANTECH MODEM 2 will appear

10.  Enter the Telephone Number and Account Name

11.  In the old settings, I could see the password was 3 characters, so I guessed that it was 777 because the Telephone Number was #777 (lucky day)

12.  Click Apply

13.  Click Connect

14.  Reward self with a G&T


Hope this helps someone out there.  BTW, did this on a MacBook Pro which I wiped clean, and installed Snow Leopard.  It has been VERY worth while, especially after getting past a few road blocks like this.  Good luck!


Re: Compatibility of usb720 with new mac snow leopard

Well I can tell you that a have a unibody 13' Macbook running 10.6.1 (snow leopard) using a VZ usb 720 modem . All is working fine. The only problem that I had was when I hit the  "check for updated" on VZaccess manager that it said I was using the latest. I was reading a link on about snow leopard and VZ. The poster gave the lower link for the most up to dated VZ access software. Seems the Mac check for updates on VZaccess manager doesn't work.


I downloaded the 10. 5 version 4.2.2 and it works just fine. I was using a 4.1.something version and the VZaccess manager said I was using the laetest software which was wrong.