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Connecting BlackBerry 8320 to MiFi 2200

I have a MiFi 2200.  It works very well with my Dell laptop, an iMac, and my wife's iPhone.  However, I am having severe frustrations trying to connect it with my T-Mobile Blackberry 8230.  The TMO device is provided by my work despite the fact that I get mixed coverage on the TMO network in my hometown.  I was hoping that by connecting to the MiFi, the Blackberry could get data service where Verizon's superior network fills in TMO's gaps (and UMA voice coverage, too, in a pinch).  


I have tried changing the MiFi's security settings.  I have tried changing the wifi channel on the MiFi.  I am getting really frustrated. My Blackberry generally connects to Wifi networks easily (both on my home network and at hotspots in public places).  As far as I know, the mifi is the only device it has problems with.  I keep getting a W002 error whenever I try to connect.  Strangely, the BB has twice spontaneously connected to the MiFi without my intervention.  I am not sure how or why.


I'd be much obliged for any advice!


Thank you.

Re: Connecting BlackBerry 8320 to MiFi 2200

Have you tried T-Mobile support?

Re: Connecting BlackBerry 8320 to MiFi 2200

Did you get your problems resolved? I have exactly the same circumstances (Verizon MiFi purchased to augment a business provided T-Mobile Blackberry) and I have exactly the same problems - only I'm about 60 days behind you in trying to resolve these problems.  Phil