Connection Problems

I have a Mini 311 - 1037NR laptop from HP with a Verizon Wireless card installed.  It is running VZAccess Manager.


When you boot up the computer everything works fine, it loads up VZAccess Manager, and connects to the internet. However if the internet isn't used for an extended period of time VZAccess Manager seems to disconnect from the Mobile Boadband.


Under the Available Network, option it lists Verizon Wireless - VZAccess Connected, but on the Usage Screen it brings up the message "This program cannot display the webpage" and the connection switches to dormant.  Furthermore I cannot use any internet related devices. 

Once this happens I have tried


Disconnecting the red button marked Disconnect WWAN then Connect WWAN

Detecting the Device

Closing out every program I have been using (Including VZAccess Manager) and restarting everything,


None of these obvious solutions seems to work


In fact the only thing which consistently works is restarting windows.  Not even logging off seems to work.


Any fix would be appreciated.  We use this laptop as a mobile cash register, and if we are not at a busy event, going for a half an hour between transactions is not uncommon.  Having to reboot is inconvenient. 





Re: Connection Problems

Since this is a) a brand new netbook from Verizon (been using it 1 week) b) the only non-standard software installed is Intuit Quickbooks Cash Register Plus c) Nobody has offered a solution in 2 days, I can only assume 2 things


1) This is either a flaw with Windows 7 or Verizon Wireless

2) There is no solution


Okay I can deal with that

Re: Connection Problems
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First lets make sure that the device is updated.  

From the Windowsdesktop navigate: Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess

From the VZAccess Manager top menu, navigate Options > Activation.


Click OK.

Then try changing the power settings in Windows 7 to keep the connection active.  

To do this go to:


The Start Button and select Control Panel in the second, shaded column on the right.

Now select All Control Panel Items and make your way down to Power Options.

Click “Change Plan Settings” next to your Power Profile, and choose “Wireless Adapter Settings” and set it to Maximum Performance. You should do this with all of your power profiles.

You can tweak these setting in other ways if needed.

If you continue to have the same problems try using this link below.

Also you should be able to disconnect the connection, then close VZ Access manager completely, then re-open it and then re-connect without rebooting the computer.