Continuous prompting for Authentication on various Verizon broadband cards and USB modems

We have upgraded to Dell e6500 series of machines and Vista SP1.  Since upgrading we are having numerous complaints from VzW air card users concerning the continuous prompting for authentication when using the Cisco VPN client.  When we called Verizon the VzW CSR stated that the problem was with the Cisco VPN client.  We have been in contact with Dell technical support who has been working with Cisco.  According to Dell and Cisco the results of their testing all points back to Verizon. 


Connecting the USB modem/Air Card directly to the internet via their ISP works fine, it is not until the user connects via the Cisco VPN client does the continuous prompting occur. 


We have taken all of the recommended steps provided by VzW as to installing the latest version of the manager and drivers.  This has all been completed but the continous prompting for authentication continues.  Some models are fine, others like the USB 760, and the 5740 are the ones having the issues.  Our temporary work around has been to delete the local dial-up connection and remove the password.  This will allow them to work in the current session until they try to access it again and then the continuous prompting starts over again.


We have been going back and forth with VzW and Cisco over the past several months.  The users of these cards have been patient and applying the temporary work around, however they are getting very annoyed with this solution and want a permanet solution.


Have any of you run into this type of problem?




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