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I have a simple question about my current plan that I have not been able to figure out from Verizon's published media and am too scared to try due to charges. I have a domestic data plan that allows for 25 mb of usage on my phone, however it also has a modem function that allows me to tether my device to my computer (via VZ access manager) and get internet (which I assume is labeled mobile broadband connect). I don't have a plan for mobile broadband connect: so how will I be charged? Does the data I use count against my 25 mb monthly allowance or is there a separate per mb charge? Or will it force me to purchase a separate plan? Thanks.

Re: Data Plan Question
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If your device supports tethering, you will be able to use your device as a modem. To do so the following would be needed:.


  1. A compatible feature or multimedia device. (Instructions for set up and device compatibility listed below)


2.      Add the proper data plan (a $40.00 addition to an existing $9.99 data plan, $49.99 total). The additional plan will provide you with a total of 5GB (gigabytes) of data while using your device as a tethered modem. ***Anything over 5GB is charged at $0.05 per MB (megabyte).

**You may use the VZ access manager to check your usage at anytime while using the device as a modem.


3.  If both steps 1 and 2 are met, you can use the article above to download the specific version of VZ access manager you need. Continue to follow the steps on installing the software, as well as establishing a connection. Below is a article for the install:


I hope this information was helpful.