Data errors with my fivespot connected

I am getting data errors for any data transfered using my USB ports when my fivespot is tethered.  It shows up in image files especially as random bands of color or sometimes half the image is missing.  The problem goes away if I shut down and remove the fivespot.


Has anyone else had this kind of problem and how did you solve it?

Re: Data errors with my Fivespot connected
Verizon Employee

Hello jillhanson2004,


Just so I understand your issue, you are getting an error on your computer when using your Fivespot device plugged in as a tethered USB modem?  What is the exact error you are getting?  And are you still able to surf the web even after the error appears, or do you get disconnected?


Just need a little more information to ensure we come up with the best solution for you.