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Data usage from JetPack being used when not even on

I only started having issues with my jetback recently....before i was on my parents plan, would stream pandora, surf the internet all day, emails, and never came close to maxing our shared gigs. A plan that also had 3 other smartphones sharing the gigs as well. Recently I changed the jet pack to another similar plan under a different user and all of a sudden the jetpack is using multiple gigs a day. my usage has even lessened since changing it as well, only checking email every couple of days and having the jetpack off the rest of the time. Now how can you deny that it isn't verizons fault and that there is clearly a glitch somewhere. THE JETPACK ISN'T EVEN ON/BEING USED MOST OF THE TIME, all of a sudden its sucking the plan dry of gigs. Do not even bother telling me to buy more gigs, it's verizons fault. fix this or im taking my money elsewhere. there are much better companies out there that don't have these issues and have much better customer service than i have witnessed from verizon concerning this issue.

Re: Data usage from JetPack being used when not even on
Customer Support

I would be concerned as well.  You mean the world to us and should receive stellar customer service when contacting us.  I apologize if that's not always the case.  We definitely want to ensure everything is in order because the less you have to worry about the better.  Have you checked to see when data is being consumed?  You can view data usage times online at

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Re: Data usage from JetPack being used when not even on


This is what your case boils down to.  If the Jetpack is truly off (powered off, not just sleeping or dormant) then it cannot consume data.  Small amounts of data logging delays are expected.  Data usage sessions get reported to VZW incrementally throughout the day but shouldn't be more than an hour off.  If you happen to be in an extended service area then VZW is renting the local towers from someone and the timestamps are likely going to be useless because that's all that VZW has been given to work with.

Prove that your Jetpack is powered down but still consuming data with logs from the Jetpack and from the VZW website and you should be able to make something happen.  The is the best way to get action from VZW because they cannot deny that a Jetpack can consume data while powered off.