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Do I need an external antenna and what kind?

I have been a  customer a little over a month now.  Went to verizon broadband with a  UMW190 modem from Wildblue. Hated WB. Usage was way high and over the 7.5 limit last spring and then again this spring. Was not me. I only use the internet for email and surfing (mainly news and Facebook) Only after saying I was going to file complaints with FCC, state attorney general and others did my usage drop - within a month of me paying for the next package. I knew they were playing with the usage figures. Anyway, now I have Verizon and I am pretty okay with it AND my usage (half of WB) My problem is reception. I get one bar mostly with my RSSI (right now) -101 dBm (it usually flucuates between there and -98). I bought an antenna and adapter from Verizon (the one that suctions to the window).  I  went to and searched for a close tower. I have one about a half mile south of me.  It's an American Towers Inc. and then I have another one about 4 miles away from that. That one is a Sprint tower. The problem is I have big oak trees about a hundred feet from the house. Does that interfere with the little antenna I bought and if I get a Yagi antenna or omni one, will I still have problems? I am  in the middle of Verizon coverage (east of Austin Texas about 45 minutes) Flattish land - no hills. Just some trees and my electric transformer is sort of in that direction as well. Thanks for your help.



Re: Do I need an external antenna and what kind?

I use the Verizon Wireless UMW190 Global USB Modem by Pantech with External Antenna with Excellent results.

I use the 11dB Antenna from . They seem to have the best selection for the UMW190 Verizon UMW190 External Antennas