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Does anyone use a USB760 with a MacBook Pro?

I can't get my MacBook Pro to work with the VZAccess Manager's SETUP ASSISTANT. It's unable to create an account for the Novatel USB760. I'm using a MacBook Pro (OS 10.5.6).


But get this: The MacBook Pro **Network Preferences**dialog box can talk to the USB 760 and tell it to connect with my cell phone account ... successfully, so I can browse the internet!


The Setup Assistant works fine on my other computer, a MacBook (OS 10.4.11); I went through the Setup Assistant steps, created an account and the VZAccess Manager allowed me to activate the account.


Two Verizon tech peeps have told me my problem stems from the fact that the MacBook Pro has no modem, and the USB760 is essentially a dial-up device. hmmm.


Oh, and I am using the latest version of VZAccess Manager (v. 4.3.2).


Who out there is using a Novatel USB760 with their MacBook Pro (with the VZAccess Manager)? How'd you do it?

Re: Does anyone use a USB760 with a MacBook Pro?

Having exact same problem - down to having it work just fine on my Macbook running 10.4.11.

I now can't even see the modem on my MacBookPro.

I'm seeing on the Microsoft forums that people have had problems when uninstalling the VZ Manager software - which is what Verizon told me to do multiple times when it wasn't loading through the Setup Assistant. I've had no solution from the forum either...


How do you configure via Network Preferences - I would at least be able to do that?

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