Does the Network Extender operate on 1X, 3G, or 4G LTE service???

OK, I am asking... I was a former AT&T customer and I have a lot of experience with the Cisco Microcells.that they provided customers.....

Those devices were 3G/4G  microcells (technically a FEMTOCELL) and provided speeds on cellular data as would be expected by a wireless carrier on those services...

So, my question is this: why do I get the feeling that the network extender from Verizon is a 1X device??? my cellular upload and download speeds are dismal to say the least (tested with wifi and bluetooth turned OFF on cell phone) when tested with any one of the speed test apps available for cell phones???

Also does the Network extender have E911 capabilities and does it drop out if a LTE signal is detected by the phone in my house?? The signal levels are pretty low even sitting 4 feet away from it...

Any TECHNICAL explanations of EXACTLY how the network extender works over the air would be greatly appreciated....



Re: Does the Network Extender operate on 1X, 3G, or 4G LTE service???
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The network extenders for Verizon Wireless work on the 1xRTT and the 3G EDVO networks. They don't have available yet for the 4G LTE network.

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