Droid not staying connected to Nework Extender

My husband and I both have a Motorola Droid, purchased at the same time. In September we had to purchase a Network Extender in order for our phones to work in our house, as the service is real shotty where we live. At first everything seemed to be working fine, then, a couple of weeks later, my phone started disconnecting from the extender. Mind you, my husband has had continuous service and no problems since we purchased the extender. I am lucky if I ever have full bars or 3G. My phone cuts in and out and drops my calls. I try to call back and it tells me that the connection has been lost. My phone freezes when I am trying to send a text message. I can't access the internet. I have made numerous calls to Verizon and have sent numerous e-mails for the past 2 months, but they have failed to resolve the issue. They seem to be quick to put the blame on other things rather than focusing on actually fixing the problem. I have been with Verizon over 10 years now and the longer I am with them, the worse they get. This year has been the worst year ever. My children both have the new Blackberry Storm 2, purchased in January, and they have had continuous problems, of which, Verizon seems to not want to fix, as well as both Droid's purchased new in March, that I continue to have problems with. Needless to say, Verizon continues to take my money, but fail to live up to their promise in keeping their customers happy! I am at my wits end. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?