Dropbox, data and WiFi -- data pipe?

Device is an iPhone -- if I log in to my wifi at home and then upload pictures from the phone to Dropbox and thus the files are available on my PC, does that data run through my wifi pipe at home, and thus free of 'charge' to me, or does that data run through VZW and show up as data usage against my 2GB per month from VZW?

I figure I have a 50-50 chance of being right -- hoping it does not count against my VZW data.

Thanks for the answers in advance.

Re: Dropbox, data and WiFi -- data pipe?
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Any data over WIFI do not count toward your data usage, I would go online and check your usage, as Verizon likes to Nickle and Dime people

I use Dropbox and Box on mine and have 5 GB of storage and do all my uploads via wifi and have no issues with data usage charges.

Re: Dropbox, data and WiFi -- data pipe?
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As EVDO stated, WiFi connections do not count towards your VZW data plan.  Just make sure you are connected on your home network when you do your Dropbox work and you will be fine.  

A good test would be to check your usage, upload a few pics, wait 20-30 min (without using any extra data) and then check usage again.  That way you should be able to 'see' the impact of your activity on your data plan.